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The landscape of the investment world is changing and investment in farmlands has become a trend for many urban citizens. This trend is gaining momentum and there are certain reasons for it too. Owning farmland is an advantage over any traditional real-estate investment because agriculture is a tax-free source of income; an alternate source of income for urban dwellers i.e., passive income; it is an opportunity to connect with nature and improve the overall ecosystem; a weekend getaway to relieve stress; appreciating asset value i.e., higher “Return on Investment”. So, it is a future-proof investment. Further, various state governments of India have now reduced the restrictions on owning agricultural land to the people of non-agricultural background which in turn opens up the market for new investors.

As much as investing in farmland is an advantage there are challenges of owning and managing farmland for the urban population. Foremost challenges include identifying the right size of land in an optimal location and be within your budget. Later soil quality, water resources, legalities, labour, power, farming operations, and finding the nearest market to sell your produce will be an issue.
Managing any farmland requires lots of attention and knowledge which an average urban dweller who works and stays in any metropolitan city cannot have. To fill this void and to turn the dream of farming enthusiasts across the cities into reality, the idea of Managed Farmlands has come into existence.

What are Managed Farmlands?

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The Managed Farmlands are the farmlands that are owned by any person or an establishment but taken utmost care of by a professional agency like Urban Farmers”. Managed farmlands are an appreciating and secure asset. These managed farmlands are a fruitful investment and a source of passive income because it conceptualizes on a combination of the ever-appreciating land value and crop harvests.
At first, The Professional Farm Management company procures well-curated farmland at an optimal location with emphasis on water bodies. Later, the basic infrastructure is set up and the large farmland is demarcated into smaller farms based on various sizes.

Testing of soil and coming up with the right crops to produce or the right trees to be planted are taken care of. Usage of various modern agricultural techniques, drip irrigation systems, centralized water tanks, planting commercial crops, rainwater harvesting, thorough surveillance is the features of the managed farmlands.

What are the benefits of owning a managed farmland?

There are various benefits of owning Managed Farmlands, some of them are listed below: -

  • A managed farmland solves the important and basic problem of an urban owner, it acts as a framework where people can invest on a farm plot and watch their resources develop without the issue of overseeing it by themselves.
  • Hassle-free ownership: The land purchased will have good legal titles, be surveyed, fenced, and will be well managed by the professional agency with labour management, harvesting and marketing produce.
  • Ever appreciating real-estate valuation
  • Passive source of income for the urban population
  • A Weekend Getaway for the family members
  • Reducing Carbon Footprint and encourages Afforestation
  • Rural job creation
  • Usage of Mixed Farming and Organic Farming
  • Ultimately, making the dream of farming enthusiasts turn into reality, and make them next-gen farmers.
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What are the points to be noted and legalities involved before investing on farmlands?

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  • Legal formalities should never be neglected or skipped. Owning a plot of land carries with it a genuine measure of administrative work and historical verifications.Foremost thing is checking the legal title of the farmland and ensuring no disputes over the land. Title verification should track back to minimum 40 years from the date of purchase. Ownership also has to be traced. Some of the necessary documents include Encumbrance Certificate, Property Tax Receipts, RTC (Record of Rights, Tenancy and Cultivation).

  • Various Resources: Water is the basic resource for owning any farmland. Have a survey to check the legal eligibility to ensure irrigation from nearby water resources like wells, ponds etc.
  • Have a clear goal in your mind as to how you are going to use and manage the farmland. For an urban investor, it will be a daunting task to manage farmland because neither they can take full control of agriculture as they are busy in their daily work nor they have required expertise. So, at this point the concept of “Managed Farmlands” comes into picture.
  • Managed Farmlands are designed for people who want to invest on farmlands without any hassles of overseeing it. Here an experienced agricultural asset management company like Urban Farmers with its experienced agricultural experts manage the all-around work. The legalities involved in owning managed farmlands will be well maintained by Urban Farmers. Index of the land, mutation extract, patta book and khata certificate are some important documents involved. The investors on sustainably managed farmlands can trust Urban Farmers on all aspects and can verify their property documents with their legal teams. It is always safer to trust a reputed company like Urban Farmers than a real-estate agent or a farmer.

What are Service Agreements in Managed Farmlands?

Service agreements are contracts between a customer or client and the person or business providing the service. It defines the relationship, the responsibilities of each party, the compensation or payment and the services that will be provided, among other things. It provides a level of legal protection to both parties, and makes sure that everyone is on the same page from the beginning. A service agreement might also be called a general service contract or service level agreement.

Service agreements are contracts between a client or customer and the individual or business offering the service. It characterizes the relationship, the obligations of each party, the remuneration and the services that will be given, in addition to other important things.

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It gives a degree of legitimate insurance to the bothparties, and ensures that everybody is in total agreement all along. Things included in a service agreement are the services provided and who will provide it with the cost and payment terms, time frame for delivering the service, type of quality control of services, how can agreement be cancelled, procedure to be followed if something goes wrong.

Why Managed Farmlands are a better investment prospect?

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A managed farmland is a sustainable system where people can investon a farm plot and then watch their assets grow without having to manage it by themselves. In any real estate, investment the value of the land will definitely appreciate, but all you are left with is only the land. Whereas investing on sustainably managed farmlands with highly-valued plantation and cyclic crops will definitely overcome the barriers of real estate investment as it not only benefits from the ever-appreciating land value, but also from the return on investment provided by the produce. Managed farmland not only provides a passive income to the people but also contributes to the better ecosystem. It improves afforestation and reduces the global warming effects too. It also positively promotes rural job creation.

Who are Urban Farmers?

Urban Farmers, are one of the renowned professionals in the managed farmlands community. Urban Farmer combine their passion for agriculture with social responsibility and economic returns. They are focused on soil health, water conservation, and environmental impact yet they don’t shy away from higher yields. Thus, they are regarded as the “Best Agricultural Asset Management Company in Bangalore”.

The Managed Farmlands project near Bangalore by Urban Farmers is known as Bird Berry. This sustainably managed farmland project is situated in Kanakpura town. Spread across 50 acres of land with lush green surroundings, it is scientifically designed to provide maximum proximity to nature.
The managed farmlands project by Urban Farmers will be taken care of by agricultural specialists having over 30+ years of experience with best farming practices being carried out. Farmhouses which act as a weekend getaway are also present in this gated community project near Bangalore. There are options to design and develop your dream farmhouses too with the help of our experts.
The usage of managed farmlands can be done for different purposes. It can be used as Holiday homes with plantations, Retirement homes, Gated Farmhouse Community, A Weekend Getaway or can be used for long term returns with certain high valued crops.
Features of this managed farmland near Bangalore include a Miyawaki for boundary marking, a timber plantation, specific path access to each unit, farmer quarters, drip irrigation facility, common water storage facility, and many more.
The common amenities for all the owners of managed farmlands include a cycling track, swimming pool, cottage homes, bonfire pit, rope activities, clubhouse, fitness area, camping tents, reading pods, and so on.

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