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Bird Berry farms is a Managed farm project by Urban Farmers, spread over 50 Acres surrounded lush greenery scientifically designed to provide maximum proximity to nature. A huge water body adjourning the property and a natural stream following through making the property more elegant and increasing the ground water table.

The boundary demarcation will be done using the Miyawaki technique. The estate will be planted uniformly by Timber crop for longer capital gains. Fruit yielding high breed plants and Ayurvedic/Medicinal crop would be planted in between the timber to get inter-mediate yearly crop.

A Resort with all the high end amenities like club house, indoor/outdoor activities, cottages, houses, boating, high rope xip, etc... would a part of this development. Take a break to get relaxed in midst of the nature to enjoy the hands on farming and village experience.

bird berry bird berry

Farms will be managed by professional Agricultural Specialist with over 30+ years of Experience

Scientifically designed farms with soil testing, Manuing, Sapling and creed selection

Choose the best farming practice to achieve excellent growth and maximum financial returns.

Cost effective, long durable, easy maintenance and creative farmhouse designs at affordable price.

Skilled labor force, 24/7 operation setup and security.

  • Miyawaki forest for boundary marking
  • Timber Plantation
  • Landscaping
  • Granite Stones to mark boundary
  • Landscaped path access to each unit
  • Farmers Quarters
  • Drip Lrrigation Facility
  • Gated Community
  • Solar Lamps
  • Common Water Storage Facility
  • Kitchen Garden

Maintenance of farm equipments and capital assets like solar lights, fencing, water pumps, irrigation pipe lines, filters, Electric transformers, etc...

Regular servicing and maintenance of machineries like Tractors, Generators, weed cutters, and spray Machines etc...

Maintain robust water level by expert water harvesting techniques to be followed by check dams, small ponds, water flow drains throughout the farms.

Maintenance of common facilities like landscaping, roads, property cleanliness to always have a great nature experience.

bird berry
  • Galibore Fishing Camp
  • Jaanapada Loka
  • Vulture Spotting
  • Raamadevara Betta
  • Kanva Dam
  • Hoganekal Falls
  • Mekedaatu Arkavati / Cauvery
  • Suvarnamuki Sangam
  • Thottikallu Falls
  • Bharachukki Falls
  • Mekedatu Falls
  • Arkavati Dam
  • Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta
  • Art of living
  • Muttatti (Anjaneya Temple)
  • Kabbalu Temple
  • Kabbaladurga Night Trekking
  • Bheemeshwari Fishing
  • Chunchi Falls
  • Gaganachukki Falls
  • SRS Temple
  • Kengal Hunumantha Temple
  • RamanagaraSholay Hills
  • Rappling Rock


1) Is this is Managed Farm Land Project

This is a completely managed farm land project developed by Urban Farmers. Farms will be managed by professional agricultural specialist with over 30+ years of experience.

2) How about the maintenance and what will the cost per month

There will be a minimal maintenance charge of RS 2.5/Sq. ft. from the second year onwards. This charge has to be paid in advance during the start of the year.

3) Can we rent our farm house to the Resort and what is the expected revenue from the Farm house per month?

The Farm houses or cottage homes that are build, can we given on rent to the resort and you can expect a rent of up to 20,000/Month. The rents will be discussed on mutual consent between the farm owner and the developer at that point in time.

4) What are the plants that will be grown in each farm plot?

In 10 gunta’s of farm plot we will be planting around 90 – 100 plants, out of which 70% of the plant will be timber plants and the remaining 30% will be covered with horticulture plants. Each customer will have an option to choose the variety of plants to be planted in each farm plot.

5) What are the saplings options that are provided to the customer to choose from?

Timber Saplings: Teak, Melia Dubia, Mahogany, Silver wood and Sandalwood. Horticulture Saplings: hybrid coconut, Mango,Gauva, Sapota, Lemon, Drum Sticks, Curry leaves, Avacado (if there are any other horticulture saplings of your choice, we will plant it accordingly if it fits the soil and weather conditions.)

6) What is the source of water?

The area is surrounded by water streams and lakes; the entire stretch has a very good ground water table. The bore well will be the source of water for the farming and domestic use.

7) Will there be a 24/7 security throughout the farm, if we are planning to stay in our cottage.

Yes Urban Farmers will manage the entire property with 24/7operation setup and security.

8) When can we cut the teak and other trees planted in our plot?

Generally the maturity of the teak plat will be an approximate period of 12 – 15 years. A fully grown teak tree will grow upto 30 meters and a mature tree can yield about 15 – 25 Cu. Ft. of timber wood.

9) Will there be a demarcation using boundary wall or fence between individual farm plots.

There will not be compound walls or barbed wire fencing between each farm plots. Instead the demarcation will be done by stone fencing which will be placed at a distance of 10 feet and 1 foot above the ground; these stone fencing will be placed across all the three sides of the plot excluding the entrance. By doing this, there will be uniformity within the entire property making experience within the property great. We believe in unity, harmony and oneness

10) What is the distance from Bangalore to the project?

The distance to the project from NICE – Kanakapura road will be 62Km. The project is located 28Kms from Kanakapura town.

11) Are we eligible to buy an agricultural land in Karnataka?

The Karnataka Cabinet has decided to repeal Sections 79 (a), (b), (c) and 80 from the Land Reforms Act, so it has amended the Karnataka Land Reforms Act that will allow anyone to own agricultural land as on June 2020.

Layout Plan

farm plats
farm plats