What people say


I grew up in the city, so the busy life is all I knew. My vacations were always in nature-oriented places though. I became fond of the peace and quiet and fresh air that was available 24/7. These projects by Urban farmers really helped me get back those vacations within a few kms of the city. Now we don't have the luxurious time for long vacations. So a weekend at the farmhouse is absolutely what my family and I needed. Thank you so much for this beautiful gift.


I always wanted to own farmlands. The income prospect is immense in the field. But I know nothing about farming in practice. I thought of hiring workers but I didn't trust that they wouldn't steal my harvest. Urban Farmers managed the whole situation so I could have the best of both worlds. Now I live a busy city life, while Urban farmers manage my land. I visit when I can but overall, their operation is pretty smooth and doesn't require my indulgence. I get the benefits for my investment while they take care of everything.


Honestly, I was a little surprised at first to learn that I could have a plot for my farmhouse and land to cultivate from the same company. But it's totally worth it. I needed a place to hang out with my friends and the extra earning when I purchased the agricultural land, took me by surprise. Urban Farmers is really doing an amazing job, meeting the requirements of agriculture with modernization. I'm really glad I associated with them. The 24 hour surveillance and cropping methods are quite revolutionary.


Ever since my kids were born, I wanted them to have an appreciation for nature. They are our future and they have to take care of our planet. This farmland plot by Urban Farmers gave me the perfect opportunity to introduce my kids to the concept. They have respect for laborers while learning the essentials of business from a very young age. I can't thank Urban Farmers enough, for providing such an incredible opportunity. Now, during their breaks and holidays, they learn as much as they enjoy at the farmhouse.


I am absolutely in love with this concept. We purchased a plot for my farmhouse and my husband suggested that we invest in some agricultural land as well. The outcome was unbelievable. We go to the farmhouse when we can, and they have a nice retreat there as well, for entertainment and relaxation. We are both software engineers and lead a very busy and hectic life. So this is, kind of, the perfect getaway from everything. Urban Farmers really helped us get back on our feet and relax more.