Managed Farmlands are a futuristic concept for people interested in agriculture but don’t have time or are stuck in the daily hustle in big cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi etc. These managed farmlands concept involves an agency that looks after your farms with utmost care while you continue to practice your daily routines. The Corona virus pandemic has made the life of people miserable as they had to face lockdown and the companies that they work had introduced work from home concept. This pandemic has been spreading rapidly, which made the companies to extend work from home for another year running. People naturally are stressed out and frustrated as they can’t have a weekend getaway as earlier or can travel. So, the people now are resorting to owning farmlands mainly the managed farmlands so that it can act as a weekend getaway and also as a source of passive income, because one can get monetary benefits from his produce on the land but also from the ever-appreciating value of farmlands.

The Managed Farmlands can be owned by any person, but it is managed by an experienced agricultural asset management company like Urban Farmers. The professional farm management companies manage the agricultural lands purchased by any individual and also the yield generated. The yield generated is thus sold and the income from it is shared between the owner of the land and the farm management company. The asset classes of managed farmlands mainly include coffee/ tea estates, teakwood/sandalwood, animal husbandry, mixed farming etc. Amanaged farmland is a framework where people can investona farm plot and afterward watch their resources develop without the issues of overseeing it themselves. The worth of the land will certainly appreciate. An individual putting resources into farmland not just advantages from the consistently liking worth of their property, yet in addition from the profit from venture given by the lumber. This makes an automated revenue that likewise liberally adds to the climate by giving a green cover that continues to renew itself. The pandemic has caused individuals to focus on wellbeing over whatever else, and a tremendous region of plant life may be actually what one may hope to put resources into the current occasions.

Investing in managed farmlands has many advantages because it is based on principles of agroforestry. It improves bio diversity and the quality of soil. It reduces carbon footprint and green house gases. Mixed farming increases productivity and will be able to produce variety of species. It mainly assures us of environmental protection and the managed farmlands can also act as a weekend getaway. The feel of people amidst the nature away from the city life will definitely make them relaxed and stress free.

The Managed Farmland Project near Bangalore has been developed by Urban Farmers at Kanakpura road. This massive futuristic project is known as Bird Berry and is spread across 50 acres. Investing in this project is definitely going to be profitable as these farms are managed by professional agriculturists who follow best farming practices. Farms are scientifically designed with soil tests, sapling and creed selection which assures excellent growth and maximum financial gains. There are options of owning a farmhouse too with easy maintenance costs. Those include cottage homes , container homes, designer home etc. amidst the nature. It can be a gated farmhouse community with 24*7 security. Having a farmhouse will act as a vacation home that assures you of stress-free living.

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