Fully Managed Farmland Projects in Bangalore

There was a time when our ancestors survived on foraging berries and hunting animals for survival. As times changed, so did the human race. Now we don’t just grow and cultivate, but we take utmost care to maintain health benefits of the products. The war between nature and man is coming to an end, however slowly. To accomplish this tremendous feat, experts had to put their minds to find innovative methods of afforestation that would benefit the environment and create revenue.

Urban Farmers is a company that implements this very concept to create a bridge between man vs nature. They have developed a model of fully managed farmland projects in Bangalore. They have initiated this project to help the depleting natural resources while providing steady revenue to their clients.

The primary goal of acquiring managed farmland projects in Bangalore is to have and maintain agricultural land without any active participation from the buyer. Today, mankind has shifted from foraging to organic farming. This technique controls the growth of trees while maintaining a low pesticide farming methodology. Urban Farmers has revolutionized this method further. They have conceptualized growing certain high quality grasslands that will keep away insects and pests from the farmlands.

Fully Managed Farmland Projects in Bangalore

Urban Farmers’ fully managed farmland projects will grow plants and other horticultural products through a Japanese method of cultivation known as the Miyawaki method. This method of afforestation holds high appeal as it helps grow the plants swiftly. The method is rooted in testing the soil for absolute compatibility for high-yielding products. Additionally, it requires minimum upkeep after 2 years of healthy maintenance. The company takes responsibility of maintaining the farmlands to analyze and cultivate the trees for healthy growth.

Urban Farmers envisions lush forests of diverse cultivation so buyers can earn through direct and indirect sales of the harvest. A managed farmland in Bangalore is an asset of high quality as the rich soil in the city and its neighboring regions, support an unending array of crops and plants. The city is also well known for its reputation to sustainable resources.This project combines the ideologies of healthy living. It provides the perfect opportunity to reduce pollution and enhance the lifestyle of its residents.

The world is in dire need of a break from the daily rat race. These fully managed farmlands in Bangalore provide the solace of escape in a man-made forest to experience nature in its complete form.

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Managed Farmland Projects in Bangalore Fully Managed Farmlandsin Bangalore
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