Managed Farmlands: A New-Age Investment Option For Passive Income

How many times has your heart wandered to the fields, with crops swaying in the wind? You must have always pictured yourself shifting there after retirement, owning a farm, and moving away from the city's rush. But now it is made possible to own a managed farmland anytime that not only allows you to enjoy the ownership benefits but also monetary returns.

Managed farmland is a new asset class that has gained popularity because of the liberty the owner gets. These are farmlands that can be owned by an individual or institutions but an experienced agency will take the responsibility of management and care.

This wasn't possible until recently as individual investors from a non-farming background were not permitted to own agricultural lands. But there are a few amends made to the Karnataka Land Reforms Act, 1961, that now permits any individual or institution to invest in farmlands.

The demand for food and timber will keep growing inevitably, and that makes farmland investments more attractive to new-age investors. Like any other land, managed farmlands fall under the category of tangible and immovable assets. Your land can be highly productive depending on the right management, choice of plantations, and the efficiency of resources. The ever-escalating value of land, accompanied by cyclical rotation of crop and timber, paves the way for passive income for thriving investors.

The process of investing is very simple. Urban Farmers is an experienced farmland management company in Bangalore, that can take you through the steps easily. A developer helps in selecting the land and selling it to individuals. A professional farm manager will be in charge of the well-being of the land and growing the produce. Once the crops are harvested and sold in the market, the income is distributed between the owner and farm manager.

Urban Farmers Bangalore works in a transparent way to notify you about the sales and expenses. You benefit from a marketplace that will never undergo a downfall.

Managed Farmland Vs Real Estate

Managed farmlands provide a great opportunity to invest in a plot without the hassle of maintaining it. The agency takes care of your land. In real estate, you enjoy the appreciation of the value of the land, but that's it. Whereas managed farmland, along with increasing value, also yields high returns from timber plantation or crop production. It is a great way for passive income while also contributing to the environment by planting trees and replenishing the ecosystem.

Apart from the economic and environmental values, the farmland also works as a destination for a weekend getaway. It is a respite from the chaos of city life and you can also opt for the eco-retreats that come with cottages or camping sites to enhance the experience of vacation.

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