Vedic literature provides some immense knowledge regarding the record of agriculture in India. The hymns of rig Veda describe plowing, irrigation, fallowing, cultivation of fruits and vegetables. Other historical evidence also shows that rice and cotton were well cultivated in the Indus valley civilization and plowing patterns were known to us since the Bronze Age.

managed farmlandAccording to the opinion of some scientists, agriculture was widespread in the peninsula of India 1000-3000 years ago. Although some claim that agriculture in India began by 9000 BC owing to the results of early cultivation of plants along with the domestication of crops.
After the independence, India has made in-depth progress towards food security and the production has quadrupled with the growing population. India has witnessed substantial growth in the available food grain per capita. India ranks 74 out of 113 major countries when it comes to the food security index. Between 1970 to 2011 India’s agricultural economy although had fallen from 43% to 16% was largely due to the rapid economic growth in industrial output services along with non-agricultural sectors between 2000 -2010.

managed farm landsIndia is a vast country with an arable land area is of 159.7 million hectares which is the second largest in the world rankings right after the United States. Moreover, India’s gross irrigated crop area is the largest in the world as it is 82.6 million hectares. In 2020 the government of Karnataka removed limitations on the purchase of agricultural land by the non-agricultural lists by repealing a decades-old rule.
Any Indian resident regardless of their annual revenue from non-agricultural sources can easily purchase land for agriculture in Karnataka with a maximum income of 25lakhs per year. Therefore agricultural land for sale in Bangalore has increased. Now common men can easily purchase agricultural land for sale in Bangalore. One should only remember the fact that they need to possess the required documents and must begin agricultural activities on the land within a year of purchase of the property. Despite this, if you fail to continue with the task of agricultural activity within five years then the state government is liable to confiscate your agricultural land.

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If you are looking for agricultural land for sale in Bangalore then you have selected the correct article as this will help you in learning about the documents which needed to be verified while investing in agricultural land.

  • In order to establish the seller's identity land title deed along with rights for sales of the property is required.
  • A sales agreement is necessary that will include sale price amount paid in advance and the time of sale.
  • Stamp duty payment receipt along with registration documents of the property that will include original title deed, tax receipt, previous deeds, 2 witnesses for the registration of the land.
  • Sale deed that is required for the purpose of transferring the title of the land from the particular seller to the buyer.
  • Encumbrance certificate or patta book
  • NOC from tehsildar
  • Records of the rights of extract
  • Mutation register extract
  • Survey records
  • hissa survey sketch
  • hissa tippani
  • Akaraband,
  • Atlas
  • Village map
  • Family tree
  • Any ID proof like election identity card, aadhar card or pan card death certificates (if relevant).
  • Khata certificate
  • Khata extract
  • B khata
  • Tax paid receipts
  • Land Acquisition
  • General Power of Attorney
  • 79 A & B ( previously required)

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